Lose your BUT and expect a breakthrough!

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The feedback I received after my initial blog post was eye opening and heart breaking at the same time.  The majority of the women I spoke to after launching my blog were surprised that I endured so much heartbreak and kept going.  The statement I heard over and over again was: “I WOULD HAVE GIVEN UP A LONG TIME AGO”.

My response to each and every one of them was: “IN ORDER TO SUCCEED YOU HAVE TO LET GO OF THE STUFF HOLDING YOU BACK”. I have had every reason to quit or die but I chose life. The majority of the responses to my feedback included the word BUT.  I would BUT…I was raped, my divorce, my children, bills, cancer, and the list goes on.

Often times we have our own pity party.  We wallow in our own sorrows for far too long.  How long are you going to continue to allow that “thing” to consume you? Haven’t you suffered long enough? LET IT GO.

We all have endured our fair share of heartache.  Is the strain of strength trying to overtake your life? Are you going to continue to allow what happened in your past to dictate your future?  Choose to STOP being a victim, GET UP NOW and MOVE ON! REFUSE to claim ownership of that which is holding you back.

Understand the thing standing between you and your goal and/or your success is often YOU!  Stop telling yourself the same bull*hi# story. STOP LOOKING BACK!!!! Yes, I am screaming at YOU!  After all, somebody needs to keep it 100.

Today I want you to choose to WIN even when you have every reason to lose!  You are NEVER a loser until you quit or don’t try. If you fall down six times, get up seven times. GET UP NOW!

Being great starts by being FEARLESS. The question today is NOT who/what is going to let you; it’s who/what is going to stop you. Don’t let the “you” stopping you be YOU. Be FEARLESS today in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!  Lose your BUT, and expect a breakthrough.